Bright Humans

This part of my blog is dedicated to people who do incredible things, live inspiring lives, and who work towards great goals either for themselves or for those around them.

The idea to do this struck me a couple of years ago, when it occurred to me that there are so many people in this world who live inspirational lives that go unreported; People who try to live their dream but who have been rejected, but whose stories are worth telling. In addition to this ‘epiphany’, I was growing tired and, quite frankly, depressed of all the negative stories I heard about what some people are capable of doing. When I realized the influence various media had on my thinking and attitude towards countries, religions, people in general, I wanted it to stop right then and there. This is my attempt to bring this change into my own life, and perhaps into that of yours, and to see the bright things people do every day. Both in the smart sense of the word, as well as its positive twist.

With Bright Humans, I want to remind you and myself of the countless humans who are living their lives to make it exciting, to make a difference, and who don’t simply wait for the next glimpse of happiness, but who actively search for it. This is something we can all do, but some of us need a bit of a push, me included.

To achieve this, I wrote up a series of questions relevant to each human telling their story. Using their answers, I wrote their story. But their story doesn’t end at the last full stop – their story continues every day, every minute. Feel free to share, and contact me or them directly if you want to learn more or contribute to their life story.

3 Replies to “Bright Humans”

  1. Fantastic initiative, Puck!
    People like Chris Samuel’s deserve the platform you’re providing.
    Please continue

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