Jay Shetty

Initially I wasn’t going to write about those who have already made the big headlines. However, there are a few exceptions like Jay Shetty who I think contribute well to what the Bright Humans project is about, and whose message is similar to what I am trying to convey. After all, this world is full of awesome peeps who are trying to do things differently and shine a brighter light πŸ™‚ 

We sacrifice our health in order to make wealth, then we sacrifice our wealth in order to get back our health.
– Dalai Lama

Who is he?

You may have heard or seen of Jay Shetty. He is an inspirational speaker who has “studied the timeless philosophies and sciences of the east in great depth, focusing on seeing connections and messages for the modern world.” Jay shares his knowledge and experiences with self cultivation with us through his videos. 

I feature him because…

I came across a video of Jay Shetty in which he talks about the life so many people in these modern days live. The story I wrote about Augustus Henry (click on his name to read it πŸ˜‰ ) relates to it in so many ways, because this is what Augi is actively trying to avoid. Not in the sense that he is too good for an office job. No, it is because he sees there is more to his life and what so many of us are missing because we are caught up in this vicious circle. He is making this difference to his life NOW – and so can you. No matter how old you are!
To watch the video, click here!

The pheasant of the marshes gets a peck once in ten steps, a drink once in a hundred. Yet it does not want to be fed in a cage. In the marshes, its spirit is healthy, and consequently it forgets health. 
– Zhuangzi 庄子

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