Fun, unnecessary things. Imagine!

I made this random list of things that would be cool if they happened one day, but they don’t necessarily need to. Why, you ask? I don’t have a particular reason, actually. However, today I was very aware of the idea that it would be cool if I was one of those extras in a movie that has a beer at the table next to main actor, or stands in the queue at the airport three people behind her, or eats at the same restaurant in the background pretending to have serious conversations and then burst out laughing for who knows what reason. Then I thought, I often have these random things where I think: that would be cool. But I don’t pursue them. Simply because I don’t have to, or don’t even want to. Nevertheless, I can appreciate and enjoy the idea.

So, my that-would-be-cool-but-it’s-not-a-must-list:

  1. Be an extra in a movie. Preferably Bollywood. (No idea why, that’s just how it popped into my head).
  2. Write a book. This probably belongs to the ‘I want to’ category. But I don’t HAVE to.
  3. Do a voice over for an animation character or something. Or record an audiobook. I’m not sure whether my voice has the necessary smoothness to it that’s comfortable to listen to, though.
  4. Do some aerial yoga.
  5. Take a kid out for a day to play. I have two reasons for this: 1) I really enjoy playing kids’ games 2) Wanting to know what it feels like to have a kid (and not yet be responsible for it forever).
  6. See a bubbly volcano.
  7. My family and other friends once went camping in the Okavango Delta, and we heard hippos walking around our tent at night. That would be incredibly awesome to do again. But I can still appreciate the memories, too.
  8. Reach some certified level of PTK (Petiki Tirsia Kali, a Filipino martial arts).
  9. Have my own brand of hippie style clothing.
  10. Take women-empowering photos, specifically of my beautiful friend Jesse in Mother Nature.


Here’s a picture of the moon that I took when the moon was even more beautiful than usual.

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